On the surface, the diverse topics of my books might seem random and eclectic – covering subjects ranging from wilderness survival and botany to house-building, green economics, and consciousness. But on a deeper level, my books are all about survival skills and reconnecting with nature. The theme starts in the Stone Age with primitive living and wilderness survival in Participating in Nature. Instead of merely camping in the wilderness or passing through it, you can become part of the process. You learn about nature by using it to meet your needs for shelter, fire, water, and food.

      Botany in a Day breaks down the mysteries of plant identification and introduces people to our amazing green neighbors, as well as their applications as food, medicine, or materials. It is now used as a textbook in numerous universities and herbal schools across North America, as well as by thousands of individuals. Shanleya’s Quest and the companion Patterns in Plants Card Game makes these skills accessible and fun for people of all ages.

      Living Homes deals with basic survival skills in the modern world. We all need a warm and secure shelter to live in – preferably without the baggage of a twenty- or thirty-year mortgage. Living Homes provides a model for low-cost, high-efficiency houses, enabling the reader to build a dwelling that is truly unique and designed to outlast anything else in the neighborhood.

      Direct Pointing to Real Wealth addresses survival in the economic ecosystem, providing tips for readers to find freedom from the never-ending toil of working a job and paying bills. Direct Pointing helps the reader understand how the economy functions much like an ecosystem and how to plant the seeds of prosperity, including how to make a living while making the world a better place for all.

      And Roadmap to Reality takes survival to a whole new level, showing how cultural patterns of thought dictate our interactions with the world and the people around us, helping or hindering our prospects for survival as a species. Roadmap identifies patterns in worldviews much as Botany in a Day identifies patterns among plants, giving the reader an astonishing new perspective to understand the world we live in – and how to make a difference that matters.

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